What is meant by team building?

Team building refers to coming together of different groups with a common goal that is to encourage members to work together, solving their problems so as to attain the organizational goals and objectives. Teambuilding Singapore is an essential activity for most organizations today the reason for team building is that when members of the organization work together, they achieve more as compared to individual’s performance. Singapore, a country in Asia, has implemented the concept of team building, and the impact is positive, that why most of the successful organization that produces high quality products are from Singapore. In Singapore you will find that workers of a company are friendly to each other, the level of trust among the company’s stakeholders is very high, staff turnover is very high, and they are not interfered with external or internal politics.


Why Singapore is a different state in the world?

1.They have training programs on team building

Singapore realized from the beginning that team building is the core value for their success. Therefore, they rolled out programs that educate the public on the need for teambuilding Singapore. They also encourage the organization to create events whereby the managers of different organizations meet to share ideas, and, in the long run, the performances of these organizations improve.

2.Their staff compete among themselves

Majority of their staff strive to achieve their own personal targets without being supervised. With individual’s collective responsibility, they work as a team to achieve organizational set target without seeking for more pay for overtime hours. The only place in the world you meet staff competing among themselves is at teambuilding Singapore.

3.Leaders of different companies are coached by professional experts

At Singapore leaders from different companies regularly meet for capacity building. They own the best motivational speakers in the world who are experts in different fields. In addition, company heads are equipped with good leadership skills that can change the way organization carries out their activities.

fun teambuilding singapore activity

4.They have effective communication workshops

Singapore is well known for having very productive workshops where company’s stakeholders gather to be taught on the new concepts that are essential in their working environment. In the workshops, the participants are also taught on how behavioral factors affect the organizations’ success and they way staff of an organization should behave in the work place. Moreover, at workshop you will learn practical concepts that are applicable and, as a result, the recipient’s morale will be strengthened.

5.Team building events

Working as a team in an organization is very important, however, for them to come together they have to set up team building events. And these events should be undertaken during holidays where the senior staff meets with juniors’ counterparts to interact. In case there are challenges junior staff encounter in their daily activities, then this is the best place to iron out their problems.

6.Setting up cultural activities within the organization

Cultural practices are vital in an organizational setting, because every worker in an organization must have come from a certain cultural background, and when the organization recognizes their cultures, they feel as if they are part of the organization. View more about team building in singapore.


Even the best group of workmates will find that their relationships get strained from time to time, so it is important to give them opportunities to bond over shared experiences. When it comes to team building activities Singapore has a lot to offer, and you are sure to find something which will test your team and help them to unlock new potential. We’ve found some exciting and unique activities for you to consider when organizing a team building activity.

Cooking Classes
One of the oldest and most reliable ways of bringing people closer together is food. Such an activity not only provides a chance for your team to work together but is something that many of them will be grateful for, as it will give them a chance to improve their diet as they pick up new skills and meal ideas. Singapore is such a rich international hub that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the sort of food you want to know how to make. A good idea for an international company would be to learn more about one of your trading partner’s cultures, to further strengthen your relationship.

Zip Line
The beaches and jungles around Singapore are a source of beauty and, whilst many of your team members will be familiar with what they look like from the ground, they will not have seen them from up on high. Many companies in Singapore now offer corporate packages on a treetop excursion, where your team will undergo a range of challenges that will press them and encourage them to work on their communication, trust and problem-solving. This can make an exciting change of pace for a team who spend their days working in an office, just make sure that no-one has an intense fear of heights beforehand as it may not be wise to push them to do this.


Another remarkable way to experience Singapore is by taking your team out on the water in a small fleet of kayaks. Again, this can be something that can provide your team with a new perspective on things, encouraging them to think about things in a different way. A great trust-building exercise that you may see here involves everyone tightly holding onto each other’s boats, keeping them steady whilst your instructor calls out who has to change places. Such an activity requires a great deal of co-ordination and commitment to one another if your team don’t want to end up taking a swim.

Art and Craft
If you feel that your team would really benefit from a sudden burst of creativity, then there are plenty of opportunities to allow them to unleash their inner artist. A really unique one that we have found involves making items out of clay as a team. The sense of shared accomplishment and physicality that this produces is guaranteed to bring your team closer together. Similarly, something like a collaboratively made mosaic forces your team to work together and to encourage one another and may also leave you with a beautiful memento to hang up in the office when you’re finished.


Corporate Team Building Singapore

Team building sessions are integral parts in the success of any corporate entity because such sessions provide a great ground for corporate workers to come together and get to know each other as well as bond together in achieving tasks.Such team building is often fun and interesting with participation from all the stakeholders and through that the members of an organisation get to be a single strong team.Through team building,remarkable results in bonding,teamwork,cohesion,discipline and motivation are achieved while the members gets to have a great time out from the regular job.These activities will include both indoor and outdoor events but put great emphasis on team activities as opposed to personal excellence and performance. Common corporate team building activities Singapore are ball games,sack racing,trailing,Mine field,tug of war among others.


Ball games provide a great way through which members of a corporate can get to engage in a bonding experience while at the same time enhance communication,unity,cohesion,spirit for success as well as enhance critical thinking skills which may be very useful to the individuals and the organisation at large.Games such as soccer,basketball,rugby among others will entail participants to be in teams and work together to emerge victorious.Therefore through such activities,person will be able to know their strengths and weaknesses,understand others and work together for the success of the team. Such team building sessions will require participants to mingle and bond among themselves and after that,they would have known each other better and will definitely work together better.They will for sure create a closely knit,productive and rejuvenated corporate team.


Another great and interesting corporate team building activity involves the tug of war.This tug of war involves two teams who are supposed to show might and united strength in getting to pull each other past the middle ground.The strongest and most corporate team will hence have the ability to pull the other team and hence emerge victorious.This competitive and strength demanding activity of pulling of a rope will necessitate timely communication and a really commited team spirit with an equal amount of timing and calculations.The teams through this will learn valuable ideas of team work,persistence,spirit of togetherness and a never-say-never attitude in solving problems.For any success in such an activity,it takes the efforts of all the team hence its high results.

Other effective corporate team building activities Singapore involves some team racing whereby various teams are formed and made to compete with each other in races such as relays and sack races.In sack races,participants in groups get to compete by racing in sacks as they pass on the baton to the next member of their team.Relay athletic activities will also come in handy in ensuring that members of a team work unitedly,trust each other and foster a strong teamwork mentality.Fast runners will ensure that they aspire to cover more pace while the slower ones will put more effort just to see their team emerge victorious.Through such endeavors,there is adequate bonding for various teams and hence will finally help build teamwork,spirit for excellence and persistence in situations.Therefore,corporate team building activities Singapore offers the best in terms of ensuring corporate members get to bond and integrate to form one core team hence better results.


Singapore is a country well-known for its highly stylized urbanites and cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is also known for the interesting team building activities that take place there. While some nations are still stuck with traditional activities like sack races, obstacle courses and tug-of-war, Singapore offers much better team building activities. However, for successful team building to take place, the team members must have an idea of how to go about it. Below are some tips for excellent team building Singapore.

team, teamwork concept with blue 3d people holding hands

It is essential for all team members to have a common vision for team building to be successful. The members should spend some time together visioning as a team, figuring out where they to go and what to do. This process of visioning should also enable members to celebrate their current successes. In addition, development of common goals is recommended. Team members should ensure that their team building goals are understood and supported by everyone. They need to have an understanding of how their efforts are contributing to the larger objectives.


One of the major challenges to team building is a lack of clarity on individual responsibilities and goals. Clarifying such roles can go a long way in the support and achievement of the team member’s common goals and visions. A factor related to this involves management support. If it is an organization’s team, managers and supervisors play a major role in enhancing team building activities. These managers should ensure that they are following up with the needs of staff and how to go about enhancing team building efforts. In addition, they should see to it that the learning achieved from the team building activities is taken back to the workplace.


Another useful tip involves coming up with an action plan to make the team building process part of the members’ day to day life. Often, programs for team building have few or no links with everyday organizational objectives. When designing such programs, managers should ensure that they create links to the workplace so that members incorporate what they learn in their work lives. This can be achieved by building formal action planning time into the programs, and having supervisors follow up during staff meetings.

Teamwork and social interaction

Team building in Singapore can be challenging and fun, as it can support teams to achieve their highest potential. Team building leaders should ensure that members are challenged and engaged through the process. Supervisors may consider hiring an external facilitator with experience to support the team building efforts. Leaders should find out what types of exercises or activities are likely to work best for team members.


It is advisable for team building leaders to put some effort learning what members need. This involves creating an organization or group context whereby there is open communication. If team members are comfortable when it comes to bringing up their needs, team building efforts will be more focused and productive. A common pitfall of team building initiatives is the failure to match the team members’ needs. Prior to the event itself, the team leader should ensure he/she assesses what members really want.